More members join the Society

A warm welcome to our new members and the June 2021 edition of The Round Tower.

The Society’s membership now stands at 478 – an increase of 12 on the end of year figure to March 2020.

The Society has managed to recruit more new members in recent months, said acting membership secretary Nick Wiggin. Last year, 27 members joined.

“We are very grateful for so many members renewing their subscriptions despite the lockdowns and the forced cancellation of church tours.

“I must also thank the number of members who have sent donations to the Society, either with their subscriptions or separately.

Mr Wiggin said that 24 donations of a total of £610 were received in March, which included two of £100. Another £100 has already been given by members renewing in June.

“We are pleased to welcome five new members in 2021 and 27 in 2020, many of whom found our website.

“I’m happy to receive cheques, though it is useful that standing orders mean that members do not need annual reminders from me.

“Many members are now paying by bank transfer, probably via internet banking. I sometimes find it a problem to tell the difference, so please forgive me if I send you an unnecessary reminder.”

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St George, Rollesby – the front cover of the June 2021 edition of The Round Tower – by David Faulkner, taken on April 27, 2021.