Membership on the increase again

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Membership has risen again in the first half of the year to a total of 486 – as 26 members joined the Society.

Nick Wiggin, membership secretary, said that the six months to the end of September had seen a new increase of more than 5pc in members.

It was particularly pleasing that seven of the members lived outside the eastern counties. Since August, 18 members had joined, he told the December committee meeting.

“Members have been extremely loyal and we have lost very few in the past two years,” said Mr Wiggin.

Many have also been very generous in giving more than the £20 minimum on renewal. In September alone, the donations had totalled £1,210.

Mr Wiggin noted that some members have not increased their standing order from the old £5 or £10 rate. He urged members to check their standing orders and make sure that at least £20 was paid at renewal.

An increasing number of members were now paying by bank transfer/ bank credit, which was welcome especially when a donation was included. If members included a membership number or name with a reference, this was also much appreciated, he added.