Donations boost for Society’s funds

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An increase in subscriptions and donations has boosted the Round Tower Churches Society’s funds.

In a report to members at the 47th annual meeting, Nik Chapman, treasurer, said that a modest surplus of £2,263 was made.

The Society had made awards to churches of £13,200 in the year to March 31, 2021. However, this was less than the previous year’s £23,500 because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Churches had been unable to undertake repair and conservation projects because of the lockdown and other restrictions.

In addition, the cancellation of church tours in 2020 and this year, also further reduced donations, he told about 30 members and guests at Ilketshall St Andrew’s village hall, near Bungay.

Mr Chapman said there was a very encouraging increase in membership income, which was £1,415 higher than the previous year at £12,531.

Many members also added a “top-up” when renewing subscriptions or making a purchase from the Society. This added about £600. In addition, proceeds of books left to the Society and of other items added another £1,000. A legacy of £2,500 had also been received in the year.

He was very grateful Matt Anderson for carrying out the task as examiner of the annual accounts for the year.

In summary, Mr Chapman said that the Society had reserves of about £112,000.

There had been some increased spending notably the cost of printing, producing and posting the quarterly magazine, The Round Tower. This had cost a total of £3,402 – some £600 higher than the previous year.

Michael Pollitt, who edits the quarterly magazine, said that pagination had been increased from 24 to 32 pages. It was now printed in colour and produced with assistance of a graphic artist, which had made the publication much more attractive.

He said that more members have opted to receive an electronic edition of The Round Tower, which helped to cut postage costs. To go electronic – email

Photograph of St Peter, Brooke by John Ash – awarded £5,000 in May 2021 towards the £100,000 cost of tower repairs.