A warm welcome to the Society’s website

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Welcome to the Society’s re-launched website.

 A number of new easy-to-navigate features are part of the design – including an entry for all of the round tower churches. If you click on the “churches” tab in the centre, it includes a map of almost 200 surviving round tour churches and the sites of some church ruins. Alternatively given that most of the round towers are in Norfolk and Suffolk, click on the “location” and an alphabetical list comes up. Find your church and each has a number of photographs from the Society’s archive. There’s an address and location guide on each page too.

There’s also a “news” section – with a brief digest on the home page. Where a church has featured in the news section, it may also feature on its own page with a link to the “news” story. For example, the photograph of Tuttington, taken by Tony Walsh, features on the page.

It has taken some weeks to migrate the photographic archive, many taken by the Society’s founder Bill Goode, to the new website. With thousands of mainly black and white photographs, sometimes of varying quality, there’s a real opportunity for the website to feature photographs taken by members. If you’d like to help, please let the website editor know but please don’t just send big photograph files without checking first.

The website has been designed by Adam Payne, of Aylsham-based Norfolk Geeks. Thanks Adam for helping the website editor learn a new skill. And if a few gremlins have appeared, please let michaelbpollitt@btinternet.com know and we’ll aim to resolve any issues.