Tower inspection could help resolve water problems at Broadland church

A high-level inspection of the round tower at a Broadland church will be carried out later this spring.

It is also planned to fit an extended water chute to throw water away from the tower of St Peter’s, Repps-cum-Bastwick.

One of the churchwardens, Sally Mitchell, said that a combination of factors including Covid had delayed the scheduled programme of repairs. In addition, it had seemed sensible to complete the five-year inspection of the church, which has since identified further problems including a potentially serious crack in the east wall of the chancel.

“We’re now in a position to press ahead as quickly as possible,” she added. The visual inspection will be carried out and at the same time, a water chute will be fitted.

The Society’s grant of £3,000 has made it possible to carry out this work. “We really appreciate the support of the Society.

Mrs Mitchell said that many of the problems of subsidence of the aisle and other structural issues  had been worse because of the general instability of the site, aggravated by the wet conditions. “If we can take the water away from the tower, it should really help and prevent further possible damage, she added.

A hi-lift cherry picker will be brought on site to conduct the inspection and provide a platform for the chute to be fitted, she explained.

Photograph of St Peter, Repps cum Bastwick, by David Faulkner and taken on April 4, 2021.