Conservation charity offers big saving on membership

A major church conservation charity would welcome support from the Society’s members.

The Covid-19 epidemic is set to reduce the Churches Conservation Trust’s income by around £500,000.

It is offering our Society’s members an incentive – with a big introductory discount. Full membership will cost £15 for single, £22.50 for joint – a big saving on the £60 usual joint rate. Full single membership is usually £42 pa.

The CCT, which cares for 356 churches across England, already has a big footprint across the eastern counties. It looks after 28 churches in Norfolk, including seven with round towers – and earlier this year, it announced plans to spend about £23,000 on roof and other repairs to St Margaret, Hales, and St Gregory, Heckingham. Other churches include Shimpling, Brandiston (pictured by Tony Walsh) and Hellington.

Last year, members may recall that the Society’s church tour included St Nicholas, Feltwell – also in the CCT fold. In Suffolk, it has 20 churches including one with a round tower, All Saints, South Elmham. St Mary, Rickinghall Superior, is not a round tower, as reported in the latest June 2020 Round Tower magazine. The CCT has 11 in Cambridgeshire and 12 in Essex.

Peter Aiers, CCT’s chief executive officer, said: “We face £500k loss of income due to be the lockdown and although we are able to manage a pared down basic care of our buildings we need your support to recover and ensure that we can continue to protect these ancient and profound buildings in the long term for everyone.”

“Our churches are open to all regardless of faith and our role is to ensure that subsequent generations can value and experience these outstanding places,” he added.

“The CCT is an expert in conservation and award winning when it comes to regenerating historic churches for new and extended uses, with an international reputation for innovation,” said Mr Aiers.

And the CCT also works with other faith groups too. It highlighted in its latest annual report that it is working with Quakers in Norfolk to support volunteers caring for their historic meeting houses.

RTCS members would enjoy full membership benefits (to be reviewed at renewal). For further details, email or telephone 0800 206 1463.