Bells ring out on BBC Radio 3 to mark Society’s golden jubilee – listen again

Let the bells ring out to mark the Society’s golden jubilee. Thanks to BBC Radio 3’s Breakfast programme and churchwarden Anne Prentis, the bells of St Andrew’s, Great Ryburgh, were broadcast on national radio on Sunday, June 18.

The presenter Martin Handley asked listeners to send in a brief clip of church bells for the programme’s Sunday morning feature. On Sunday morning, a recording of St Andrew’s church bells was broadcast, half-muffled, and made in 2015, to commemorate those who gave their lives during the Great War.

As the presenter explained, Great Ryburgh, near Fakenham, is one of the country’s 184 round tower churches – almost all found in Norfolk and Suffolk.

And this year, he added, marks the golden jubilee of the Round Tower Churches Society, founded in 1973. Over the decades, the Society has helped dozens of round tower churches with grants.

To listen again, go to the BBC Radio 3 website – for Breakfast on Sunday, June 18. The bells recording was broadcast about 7.45am or some 45 minutes through the programme. It will be available for another 30 days or so.

Thanks to Martin Handley, who would still like to receive brief audio clips of about 90 seconds sent to, and especially Anne Prentis for sending the recording.