Take a dip into our archives section

Take a dip into the archive section for a selection of items about round tower churches culled from the early 1930s, suggests the Society’s vice-chairman, Michael Pollitt. Architect, author and illustrator Claude Messent visited most of the round tower churches in Norfolk and Suffolk. Many of his drawings from the late 1950s are reproduced on the website. He also describes some of Norwich’s lost round tower churches too.

Other features include further background of the Norfolk giant, Robert Hales, who was buried at West Somerton, and an extensive summary of the county’s thatched churches in 1932, which includes more than a dozen round tower churches.

There are also brief items about other churches including Ashby, Blundeston, Long Stratton and Mautby.

Other topics, also taken from the files of the Eastern Evening News between 1930 and 1932 include topics such as “the north side of churches,” and pews and church seating before the Reformation.

Photograph of St Mary’s, West Somerton by Tony Walsh in 2019.